How kidney disease patients can deal with kidney disease

If you’ve just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), your doctor will discuss with you the lifestyle changes you need to make. These may include modifications to your diet, your level of exercise and the medicines you take. While kidney disease is a physical illness and you may feel the effects in your body, there will be emotional changes as well. Kidney disease patients may feel fear, anger or depression. Just as people with kidney disease need to make lifestyle adjustments to remain healthy, they also need to learn how to adjust mentally and emotionally. 

Community for kidney disease patients

Although it may feel like it, you are not the only person facing chronic kidney disease. There is a community of people who are living well with CKD. And, it is now easier than ever to reach out and engage others in the kidney disease community. Discussion forums are a great place to start learning about kidney disease and connect with other kidney disease patients. You can look at the ongoing discussions and see if your questions have already been answered. If not, you can start your own discussion. Whether you’re most comfortable leading a discussion or simply reading what others are talking about, you’ll begin to realize that there are many kidney disease patients dealing with the same concerns as you. Discussion forums offer a unique opportunity to gain access to other people’s thoughts and concerns. Many of the people who post on discussion forums have been kidney disease patients for months or years and can offer some insight into what you may be experiencing and answer questions about living with chronic kidney disease.  

In addition to online discussion forums, in some areas there are kidney disease support groups that meet on a regular basis. Integrating yourself with other kidney disease patients in a community may provide you with some emotional support and help dispel anxiety.

Knowledge for kidney disease patients

It is important for chronic kidney disease patients to learn as much as they possibly can about kidney disease. Knowledge helps you know what to expect, work better with your doctor and gives you tools to manage your kidney condition. There are many resources on kidney disease available to you. There are books, websites, educational classes and blogs that are designed to help you gain a fuller understanding of what life is like as a kidney disease patient.  

As you learn to live with kidney disease, make sure you continue to educate yourself. Keep up with the medical advances being made to help kidney disease patients. And keep in touch with other kidney disease patients for support and information. An in-depth understanding of kidney disease may help you gain a feeling of control over what otherwise may feel like a powerless situation.

Determination for kidney disease patients

It is important for kidney disease patients to attend to their emotional well being. There are many paths available to you. Some people turn to religion for support.  You may also consider meditation. Or perhaps seeing a therapist can help you deal with the stress and anxiety you may feel. The support of family and friends can also be a comfort for kidney disease patients. And, it is important to find activities that bring you pleasure. You may discover that simple things work the best: reading poetry, listening to music, watching old movies, cooking or doing jigsaw puzzles. You’ll discover that there are many things you can do that are entirely unaffected by chronic kidney disease. Taking care of your emotional needs may help you bring a sense of resolve and inner peace to the physical challenges that you face.


Doctors, medicines and medical procedures will manage the physical problems of chronic kidney disease, but it is important that you also take care of your mental and emotional needs. Engaging with other kidney disease patients, absorbing as much knowledge as possible about kidney disease and taking care of your emotional welfare should help you deal with any challenges you may face.

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Yes, people with kidney disease need to make lifestyle adjustments to remain healthy, they also need to learn how to adjust mentally and emotionally. And the proper diet is necessary. More info you can click here to learn about how to deal with kidney disease:

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