Kidney diseases questions answered

At what stage or condition would someone be enforced on hospice?

Asked by lucgar602 in Kidney diseases


Do people have pain w/ kidney diseases and where?

Asked by kajungirlpp1958 in Kidney diseases


Severe foot pain: what can be done?

Asked by beanie in Kidney diseases


I have stage 3 CKD. How long does it take to reach dialysis stage?

Asked by sibylarterberry in Kidney diseases


what does stage 3 kidney mean

Asked by jessie in Kidney diseases


Is gluten bad for kidney disease(stage 4) & how can I eliminate it from our diet?

Asked by Freda in Kidney diseases


My husand takes a lot of very strong pain med, is he at risk for kidney failure?

Asked by worriedkswife in Kidney diseases


want to know about stages of kidney disease

Asked by thomas in Kidney diseases


a cyst is building on the kidney, how serious or dangerous is it?

Asked by in Kidney diseases


Where might a health care provider find more information about diet for kidney disease when on duty?

Asked by jlouie1 in Kidney diseases


On my last visit to my Doctor, he mentioned my bun test has changed from 40 to a 30, in 18 months.

Asked by oldme in Kidney diseases


How long can a person live with their kidney operating at 5%?

Asked by blackie in Kidney diseases


Is Kidney Disease and Kidney Cancer the same thing?

Asked by PAConcierge in Kidney diseases


In the last few days, I have been itching up a storm! ALL OVER. No bugs. Is this from my CKD?

Asked by Connie in Kidney diseases


How many people get ESRD and require dialysis for the first time in their lives?

Asked by Edward99 in Kidney diseases


I'm diabetic and was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney disease.

Asked by dan888glider in Kidney diseases


Am I at risk for kidney disease?

Asked by mz_jessikka in Kidney diseases


My son had one kidney removed and has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer.

Asked by lindacaudill in Kidney diseases


Is itchy skin common with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and what to do about it?

Asked by Maureen in Kidney diseases


Can exposure to radar cause kidney disease?

Asked by Dawkins in Kidney diseases


Can I care for my mother at home with kidney disease? She is 88.

Asked by in Kidney diseases


i have stage 3 diease in my right kidney stage one in my left ,how many stages are there

Asked by silverwolve in Kidney diseases


my doctor just gave me the results of my bloodwork and tests .

Asked by sunbird135 in Kidney diseases


Could I have a Kidney problem

Asked by in Kidney diseases


what about agent orange ?

Asked by smarshue in Kidney diseases


how long does a transplant take? what is the out of work time for the donor?

Asked by in Kidney diseases


I am a diabetic with 50% kidney function, what are my options at this point?

Asked by sweetpea in Kidney diseases


my urine creatinine is 1.35. what does this mean?

Asked by davesgal05 in Kidney diseases


My doctor said I am in an early stage of kidney disease, but my kidneys don’t hurt. Does that mean he might be wrong?

Asked in Kidney diseases


Is there only one kidney disease, or are there many types of kidney disease?

Asked in Kidney diseases


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Kidney education


Kidney disease for newbies

The stages were developed to help doctors determine the appropriate treatment for their patients.
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Can I make it all better?

Kidneys do a lot more than produce urine. These amazing, fist-sized, bean-shaped organs have a big responsibility in the body. Find out what they do and how they do their jobs.
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5 signs of kidney disease

After being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease it's important to learn all you can about the disease
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How to control sugar and influence your diabetes

A kidney transplant is a treatment option for people with chronic kidney disease.
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10 best foods to help your kidneys

Lower protein diets may help the kidneys because they won’t have to work so hard.
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